At we desire to LOVE, truly LOVE the whole man, and woman, who is the VICTIM of the HORRIFIC, SELFISH, UNSANITARY and EXTREMELY DAMAGING act of Anal “Sex”.

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We know that the “LGBT Ministries” in the Los Angeles Archdiocese only seek to CONFIRM those who perform these unsafe, disgusting acts on one another in their DANGEROUS LIFESTYLE. The “LGBT Ministries” do not care one bit about the “gay” men they claim to serve, just as the hierarchy of the Church in America doesn’t really care about all the victims of Clerical Sexual Abuse.

If you do nothing else, if you go no further on this site, please at least READ the important AFTAH article below chronicling a “Gay” doctor who says that Anal Sex is like a “battering ram” on the Anal Sphincter Muscle.

Because of this destructive behavior, many homosexual men come down with Gay Bowel Syndrome, in which they cannot keep continent and must wear DIAPERS for the rest of their lives and battle all the diseases associated with constantly having fecal matter covering their buttocks area.

Could anyone be called a socially responsible member of society who DIDN’T try to WARN AGAINST this un-natural behavior??? Where are the priests and deacons preaching AGAINST Anal Sphincter Muscle Destruction?

-Craig Walterscheid ering-ram-sphincter-match/#

‘Gay’ Doctor: Human Body ‘No Match’ for ‘Trauma,’ Disease Caused by Unnatural ‘Gay Sex’

by Peter LaBarbera

Homosexual doctor Stephen Goldstone is an expert in the bodily trauma and diseases that result from the violent act of rectal sodomy.

WARNING: Descriptions of homosexual perversion.

Can you handle the truth about homo-sex? Most people can’t, because it is brutal (literally) and repulsive. Here is a quotation from Dr. Stephen Goldstone, an open homosexual and author of The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex. Dr. Goldstone is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine and an expert on “gay men’s health” and “anorectal disorders,” according to the (“gay”-affirming) Physicians Research Network (see their bio of Goldstone HERE). This item is reprinted from 1999 issue of Lambda Report, the print predecessor to Americans For Truth.

Not Natural, Not Healthy: Homosexual doctor Stephen Goldstone–author of this “medical handbook” about homosexual sex– is an expert on the bodily trauma and diseases that result from the violent act of rectal sodomy.

As I wrote back then, “keep in mind that Goldstone is a ‘sex positive’ homosexuality advocate who dedicates his book to his (male) lover, Bruce.” Also, it seems obvious but it needs to be said: anal sex is also high-risk if practiced by heterosexuals (see this British web article and this interesting piece, “Women Are Having Anal Sex for All the Wrong Reasons.”) Tragically, pornography is helping to “mainstream” this destructive vice — which in saner times was described (by English jurist William Blackstone) as the “infamous crime against nature” – and “a subject the very mention of which is a disgrace to human nature.”
Dr. Goldstone writes (emphasis is author’s):

"Just as your internal sphincter muscle involuntarily relaxes when feces enter your rectum, it involuntarily contracts when a penis or other object attempts to enter from the outside…An anal tear can occur during the initial phase of anal sex precisely because your partner pushes his penis through a closed sphincter. Think of his penis as a battering ram, one for which your internal sphincter is no match."

Dr. Stephen Goldstone, The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex: A Medical Handbook for Men, (Dell: New York, 1999), p. 4.